10 Things Kids Are Asking From You at Church

"Smile at me."
It shows me you're glad I came and you're happy to see me.

"Notice me."
It helps me know you care about me.

"Love me."
It shows I'm important to you and not just a number.

"Believe in me."
Tell me God has a plan for me and wants to use my life for His glory.  Help me discover my talents and gifts.

"Trust me."
Give me room to make mistakes so I can learn from them.

"Hear me."
Listen to me.  Encourage me to share my feelings.  Let me know my opinion matters.

"Inspire me."
Tell me that I can make a difference.  Use your words to light a fire inside me.

"Help me."
Give me guidance and support.  Instead of telling me how, show me how.

"Empower me."
Give me a chance to make a difference.  Give me opportunities to shine.

"Honor me."
Treat me with dignity and respect.  Show me that even though I'm little...I matter.