Mar 6, 2013

10 Things Kids Are Asking From You at Church

"Smile at me."
It shows me you're glad I came and you're happy to see me.

"Notice me."
It helps me know you care about me.

"Love me."
It shows I'm important to you and not just a number.

"Believe in me."
Tell me God has a plan for me and wants to use my life for His glory.  Help me discover my talents and gifts.

"Trust me."
Give me room to make mistakes so I can learn from them.

"Hear me."
Listen to me.  Encourage me to share my feelings.  Let me know my opinion matters.

"Inspire me."
Tell me that I can make a difference.  Use your words to light a fire inside me.

"Help me."
Give me guidance and support.  Instead of telling me how, show me how.

"Empower me."
Give me a chance to make a difference.  Give me opportunities to shine.

"Honor me."
Treat me with dignity and respect.  Show me that even though I'm little...I matter.


I think these 10 ideas are great. Would it be okay if I made this into a poster? Of course I would credit you.

Or could I buy this as a poster from you?

I'd like to out this in our children's ministry wing.

Hi Susan, feel free to use it any way you see fit. Don't worry about any credits. Blessings.

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