The One Guaranteed Thing Kids Will Remember From Your Lesson

There is one thing, if you use it, that I guarantee the kids will remember from your lesson.

It's one simple word...STORIES.

Kids (and all of us) are wired to connect with stories.  Stories grab our attention.

Do this the next time you are teaching.  When you shift into a story, watch the kids' suddenly engage.  Then when the story is over, watch them disengage to some extent.

Jesus, knew this.  The master teacher used the master method.  He told stories.  They are called parables and they dominated his teaching style.

Here's some tips on telling stories...
  • Share stories from your personal life.  People connect with you and relate to you when you share stories from your journey.
  • Constantly be on the lookout for great stories.  Don't just watch the news, surf the internet, or read a book.  When you do these things, be on the lookout for great stories that you can use when you teach.  And if you really want to become a great storyteller, start filing the stories you come across by topic and then use them when you are teaching on that subject.
  • Tell the amazing stories of the Bible.  Nothing compares to them.  When you teach them, remind kids that these "stories" are all true.
Does your lesson this weekend include a story?  If not, there's still time to add one.  A year from now, it will probably be one of the few things the kids remember.

Your turn.  The floor is yours.  Share some storytelling tips you use when teaching kids.