Top Ten Things You Need to Succeed as a Children's Ministry Leader in 2014

2014 can be your best your ever in Children's Ministry.  Do these 10 things and you'll have a banner year.
Spend time with Jesus.
Make sure you don't get so busy working for Jesus that you don't have time to spend with Jesus.  Your ministry must be an overflow of your personal relationship with Him.  More on this at this post.

Do what only you can do. 
Make a short list of the things that only you can do.  Delegate everything else to other people.

Build your volunteer team on a weekly basis.  
Your success in 2014 depends on the strength of the volunteer team you build.  This link will give you ten simple secrets to building your dream team.

Have someone speak into your life. 
Who is helping you get better?  Stay teachable and you will be remain useable.  Give someone permission to ask you the hard questions, reveal your blind spots, evaluate your ministry, and provide you with feedback.

Passion creates momentum.  Passion turns the ordinary into the extraordinary.  Be the thermostat instead of the thermometer.  In other words, set the tone for your ministry instead of just reflecting it.

Have clear processes and plans in place.  
Provide easy steps for people to grow spiritually.  Here's an example at this post.

Stop doing a lot of stuff and focus on doing a few things well.  Here's how to make that happen.

Reproduce yourself. 
Do everything with someone learning by your side.  Invest in key leaders.  Work yourself out of a job.  Don't worry....anyone who can work themselves out of a job will always have a job.

Evaluate 2013.  What worked?  What didn't work?  What needs to be changed, tweaked, dropped, or started in 2014?  Yesterday won't take you where you need to go tomorrow.

The floor is yours.  What else do we need to do to succeed this year?  Share your comments below.