Overcoming the Fear of Feedback

Let's be honest.  We all have our insecurities.  And one way insecurity reveals itself is how we deal with feedback.

The word "feedback" can make us cringe inside.  What did we do wrong?  Is our work not good enough?  What are they going to pick apart this time?  We have all dealt with the fear of feedback at times.

If you struggle with this or just need a reminder,  I want to encourage you today.  Feedback is your friend.

Research shows the benefits of receiving feedback.  Leaders who ask for feedback are more effective than leaders who don’t.

In a recent study of 51,896 leaders, those who ranked low in asking for feedback also ranked low in overall leadership effectiveness. On the other hand, leaders who ranked high in asking for feedback also ranked high in overall leadership effectiveness.

The best leaders are comfortable giving and receiving feedback.

In this post, I share tips on giving and receiving feedback.

Would love to hear your "feedback" on feedback in the comment section below.