10 Tips on Giving Your Volunteers Feedback

As children's ministry leaders our calling is to help bring out the best in our volunteers.  It shouldn't be what you want from them, it should be about what you want for them.

See yourself as a coach, because that's what you are.  And a big part of coaching your volunteers is providing them with feedback.

There is an art to giving feedback.  Done incorrectly, it will bring more harm than good.  But done correctly, it will challenge, inspire and propel your volunteers to new levels of ministry.

Here's 10 tips on how to effectively give your volunteers feedback.
#1 - Establish a relationship with your volunteers.  When a volunteer knows you care about them and want the best for them, it will open their heart to receive feedback.

#2 - See feedback as going on a journey with your volunteers.  Feedback should be ongoing and taking them to a destination.

#3 - Give positive feedback when your volunteers do a good job.  If you only give negative feedback, volunteers will perceive you as unappreciative and petty.

#4 - Schedule times to meet with key volunteers individually and provide them with feedback.

#5 - Give feedback when a volunteer's behavior is negatively affecting the team.  Do this privately.

#6 - Avoid giving feedback when it is something the volunteer has no control over.

#7 - Avoid giving feedback when a volunteer is highly emotional after a difficult event.

#8 - Only give feedback when you can do so in a calm and thorough manner.

#9 - Avoid feedback that is only based on your personal preferences.

#10 - When giving a volunteer feedback about an area he or she is struggling in, come with some possible solutions.  The purpose of the feedback is to help the volunteer move forward.

You can get more tips on how to effectively provide feedback at this link.