The Best Children's Pastors Do These 5 Things

There are a lot of things you can do as a children's pastor.  But if you want to be highly effective, here's 5 you need to focus on.

Invest in people.  The best children's pastors invest in people.  They help people discover their gifts and maximize their potential.  They are equippers more than they are doers.  

Inspire people with vision.  The best children's pastor's constantly point people to the vision.  They are big on vision and articulate it clearly.  

Gather feedback.  The best children's pastors actively seek feedback.  Through team meetings and one-on-one conversations, they gather feedback that is clear, honest and constructive.  They use the feedback to move the ministry forward. 

Listen.  The best children's pastors ask questions, pose problems and challenges and enlist everyone's voice to generate answers.  They focus more on asking the right questions, knowing that from this the right answers will come.

Change as needed.  The best children's pastors are open to new ideas and change.  They stay out of ruts by being willing to adjust what's not working or needs to be improved...even it it was something they originally created.