Top 50 Brands Gen Z Kids Like

I often talk about how children's ministry leaders are like a missionary.  A missionary learns the language, cultural preferences, music, foods, etc. of the people he/she is trying to reach.  This helps the missionary create connection points.

We are missionaries to kids.  And if we are going to connect with them, then we need to do the same thing a missionary to another country does.  Learn about what they like.  Learn about what they play.  Learn about what video games they like.  You get the point.  

To help with this, here are the top 50 brands that Gen Z (today's kids) kids like.  I want to encourage you to look thru this list, better yet, look through this list with your team.  Ask yourselves questions like...

Why do kids like this?

What can we learn from this?

What ideas from this can we incorporate into our children's ministry?

What changes should we make to stay relevant for today's kids?

Here are the top 50 brands Gen Z kids like...

1. YouTube
2. Netflix
3. Iphone
4. McDonalds
5. Oreo
6. MM's
7. Doritto's
8. iPod
9. Xbox
10. Google
11. Fortnite
12. Hershey's
13. Nike
14. Crayola
15. Playstation
16, Cheetos
17. Lays
18. Reeses
19. Disney
20. Skittles
21. Nintendo Switch
22. Lego
23. Chips Ahoy
24. Avengers
25. Kit Kats
26. Pop Tarts
27. Instagram
28. Snap Chat
29. Kraft
30. Cartoon Network
31. Black Panther
32. Nick
33. Coke
34. Snickers
35. Halo's
36. Sour Patch
37. Game Stop
38. Minecraft
39. Starburst
40. Amazon
41. Elmer's
42. hulu
43. Pepsi
44. Goldfish Crackers
45.YouTube for kids
46. Roblox
47. Taco Bell
48. Lunchables
49. Under Armor
50. Bing