The Parenting Shift

Parenting continues to shift as Gen Alpha grows up.  Gen Alpha (currently ages 10 to those who will be born through  the age of 24) are the children of the Millennials and older Gen Zers.

These parents (Millennials and older Gen Zers)  are the first generation of parents to truly be digital natives.  

The big question is this.  What values and world views do they hold onto?

This new generation of parents are well aware of the good and bad that happens in a digital society. 

An important thing to remember is this - these children have far more access to digital media and much of their time is spent consuming online content without their parents monitoring it.  Here are the most used media devices used by kids.

Smart phones


Laptops / PC

Smart watches 

Smart speakers

Handheld game consoles

Stationary game consoles


28% of all children ages 4 to 13 years have access to and use all nine.

Nearly 75% of those polled have access to and use 5 or more of these devices.

The countries that have the highest level of device assess are India at 64% and Brazil at 58%.

Just how important is monitoring children's device usage?  

82% of Indian parents say parenting is the most important job.

89% of Brazilian parents say the same.

There is a shift happening in parenting.  This new generation wants the best for their children and they are welcoming technology as a primary way to facilitate many of the changes.

When it comes to media for their children, parents are starting to look for positive role models who will influence them toward good

The countries that are leading the way in this shift are...

Nigeria (78%)

India (61%)

Mexico (58%)

France (37%)

South Korea (38%)

Germany (43%)

Family Engagement

Families are looking for opportunities to spend more time with their children.

47% of parents see social media and digital games providing great opportunities for them to spend time with their children.  74% of parents say they do this for at at least half of the time they spend with their children.  

A shift is happening - parents are starting to understand and acknowledge that Gen Alpha is engaged digitally and values this as an opportunity to spend time with their children.

Another shift that is happening.  Children and their parents are starting to listen to audio clips together. Radio.  Audio books.  Smart speakers.  59% of families have a smart speaker in their home and 50% have a child-specific sportsmanlike in their home.

Think about these shifts.  

What do you need to shift in order to connect with today's kids and parents?

What shifts do you need to make to support parents in your child dedication process and other spiritual milestones?

How can you use social media to connect with Millennial and Gen Z parents?

How can you equip parents to spend time with their children online?

Ponder these shifts.  Discuss these shifts.  Act upon these shifts.