Why You Need to Be an Inspiring Children's Ministry Leader: The 10 Key Steps

Have you ever been around an inspiring leader?  After talking with them or listening to them, you were ready to go conquer any mountain.

As a children's ministry leader, it's vital that you have the ability to inspire others.

When we talk about being "inspiring" you may be thinking it has to be someone who is extremely gifted, has a charismatic personality, is a people magnet or can give dynamic, soul-stirring speeches.

If that's not you, don't worry.  That's not what being inspiring is really all about anyways.  Anyone can be inspiring if they take the right steps and work at it.

Here's 10 key steps you can take to become an inspiring children's ministry leader.

Inspiring leaders collaborate.
Do you want to inspire people?  Then include them.  Inspiring leaders don't bark down orders.  They gather people and create something together.  When people have a part in creating something instead of just being handed something, they are inspired.

Inspiring leaders develop people.
When you are intentional about pouring into people...when people know you are committed to helping them become a better person and leader...when you call people up instead of calling them out...it inspires them.  They will be drawn to you. 

Inspiring leaders empower people and then get out of the way.
Inspiring leadership and micromanaging aren't compatible.  Inspiring leaders empower people and then give them room to lead, fail, and learn from their failures.

Inspiring leaders ask the right questions.
You don't always need to have the best answer.  Just learn to ask the right questions to draw out the best answer from the team.  Lead with questions just as much or more than you do with answers.

Inspiring leaders admit their mistakes.
Be quick to admit your mistakes.  Be the first one to apologize.  Humility and transparency inspires others.

Inspiring leaders lead by example.
Go the second mile and when you ask your team to go the second mile, go the third mile.  Inspiration is caught by example more than it is taught by words.

Inspiring leaders build relationships.

Inspiring leaders don't lead by title or position...they lead by relationships.  Love people for who they are instead of for what they can do.  When people know you really care about them, their hearts will be drawn to you.  Inspiration is created through relationship.

Inspiring leaders give away the credit for wins and take the blame for failures.
It inspires people when you put them in the spotlight instead of yourself.  It also inspires people when they know you've got their back and when something goes wrong, you take the ultimate responsibility. 

Inspiring leaders continually fill people's vision tank.
Constantly share the "why" of what your team does.  Realize that vision leaks, so keep the vision front and center.  And you don't have to be an "inspirational" speaker to do this.  This is done just as effectively in small gatherings or individually. 

Inspiring leaders are faithful.
There is something about long term faithfulness that inspires people.  You will find the longer you are in ministry, the more inspiration potential you will have.  Time and experience are two of your best inspiration allies.  Stay the course. 

What are some other traits of inspiring leaders?
What are some traits in leaders that have personally inspired you?

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