Your Children's Ministry Is Not As Good As You Think It Is

I've got news for you.  Your children's ministry is not as good as you think it is.  And neither is mine.

Our ministries have weak areas and challenges that we know about...and some that we're not aware of.

Yep...under the pretty make up, we've got plenty of warts and blemishes.  There are areas that shine, but there are also areas that just plain stink.

Now that we've been honest with each other, let's do something about it.

Gather feedback.
  • Gather feedback from your volunteers.  Here's a way to do this.
  • Gather feedback from parents.  Here's a way to do this.
  • Gather feedback from new families.  Here's a way to do this.
  • Gather feedback from an outsider.  There are blind spots you can't see because you are too close and familiar with your ministry.  It's going to take someone from the outside to identify those areas.
  • Gather feedback from the kids. Here's a way to do this.
  • Gather feedback from your church staff or volunteers who serve outside your ministry area. (example - adult ministries leader, student pastor, greeter coordinator, etc.) Ask them to come in and evaluate.  This is especially helpful if they have children in your ministry.
  • If you want honest feedback, make the responses anonymous. 
Take a hard look at how the ministry is doing.
  • What is working?
  • What is not working?
  • What feels stale?
  • What is unclear?
  • What is broken?
  • What is missing?
  • What are some roadblocks to the ministry improving?
  • Who is a roadblock to the ministry improving?
  • What needs to be tweaked or changed?
  • What are we doing just because it's always been done that way?
  • What are we doing just because there is a name or personality attached to it?
  • Are we growing?
  • Are we reaching new kids and families?
  • Are we seeing kids' and families' lives changed?
Be intentional about improving.
  • Make time for improving.  If you don't block out time, it won't happen.
  • Create clear action steps from your feedback and questions.
  • Improve at least one thing per week.  
Okay.  It's you turn.  What are some ways we can improve our ministries?  Share your thoughts with us the comment section below.