Make One-on-One Meetings with Key Volunteers More Effective

As children's ministry leaders, it's important to have key volunteers that you're pouring into.  I call this the "Law of the Few."  In this post, you can read more about how to raise up volunteers to be key leaders that help you lead the ministry.

Once you have key volunteers in place that help you lead the ministry, it's important to meet with them individually several times a year.

It's in these one-on-one meetings you can deepen your relationship with them, invest in them and mentor them...if you're intentional about what happens in the meeting.  Here's some practical ways to make your one-on-one meetings effective.

Make it about them...not you.  Your words and actions should say "there you are" instead of "here I am."  Start off by asking about how they are doing, how their family is, how their job is going, etc.

Give them your full attention.  Be there.  Silence your cell phone.  Don't be texting and sending emails. 

Encourage them.  Compliment them on something specific that they've recently done well. 

Provide them with feedback.  The goal of feedback is to help them grow as a leader.  Giving feedback is an art that can be learned.  You can read in this post how to effectively give feedback.

Talk about ministry details and goals.  Come prepared with specific items to discuss about the area of ministry they are helping lead.

Ask for their input and ideas.  This shows you value them as a leader and want their feedback.

Give them something that will help them grow as a Christ-follower and leader.  It might be a book, an article, a podcast or something God gave you in your quiet time.  Remember, our calling is to use the ministry to build people, not to use people to build the ministry.  First and foremost, it's about investing in the person.

Pray with them.  Ask how you can pray for them and then pray with them before you leave.

Pay the bill.  If you're meeting for coffee or a meal, pick up the tab.

The floor is yours.  Share other tips for effective one-on-one meetings.  What works well for you?  How often do you meet with volunteers individually?  We'd love to hear your thoughts in the comment section below.