Millennial Volunteers Need This From You...But Won't Ask For It

There's something Millennial (ages 18 to 34) volunteers want from you...but they normally won't ask for it.

What is it?  FEEDBACK.

Studies show that Millennials require more feedback than previous generations.  This may be due in part to their upbringing.  They have grown up connected from an early age and are used to getting instant feedback from parents, teachers, coaches and friends. They are used to having the immediate ability to ask questions and share opinions.  This means they have an ingrained expectation for ongoing communication.

But...only 19% of Millennials say they receive feedback.  For those who do receive it, only 17% say the feedback they receive is meaningful.  A big reason most Millennials don't receive feedback is because even though they want it, they hesitate to ask for it.  Only 15% of Millennials routinely ask for feedback.

As you lead Millennial volunteers, it's important to take the initiative and ask if they'd like to be given feedback.  When you regularly meet with them and give them feedback, their engagement level doubles.

Here's some tips on HOW to give feedback.

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