10 Volunteers You Need in Your Children's Ministry

Did you know that there are 10 special volunteers that you need on your team?  Let me introduce them to you.  I know they have "cheesy" names...but trust me...get them on your team and your ministry will flourish.

Faithful Frederick.  He is dependable.  He is consistent.  You can count on him to be there...week in and week out.  And if he's going to be out of town, he will let you know ahead of time.  His faithfulness will not only make him a pillar in your ministry, but kids will feel safe and secure as well because he will be a consistent adult in their life at church.

Prayer Warrior Patricia.  She prays for the ministry.  She prays for the kids.  She prays for the other volunteers.  She prays for you.  The time she spends in her prayer closet brings a fresh anointing of God's Spirit upon the ministry. 

Feedback Francesca.  She provides you with one of the greatest gifts you can receive from a volunteer....
feedback!  She helps you know what's working and what's not working.  Her input keeps you from making the same mistake twice.  And don't label her as a complainer...
she has your best interest in mind.  In fact, don't wait for her feedback...ask for it.

Role Model Reggie.  Do you have boys who need a role model?  He is your man.  He makes a great small group leader.  He is a man of character and integrity.  He knows how to make an impact in the lives of kids. 

Calming Cassandra.  She works wonders in the nursery.  Have a little one that is crying?  Just bring him to Cassandra.  She helps make the nursery a calm, reassuring place for babies and parents alike.  She's everyone's sweet little grandmother.

High-Schooler Hayden.  He's who every kid wants to be and they look up to him.  Sometimes he needs a little extra shepherding just because he's still young himself, but what an impact he can make in the lives of the kids. 

Second Mile Sierra.  She's your right hand.  She comes in during the week and helps prepare the rooms.  She's at every training meeting.  She sends birthday cards to the kids in her class.  She spends money out of her own pocket on supplies.  She helps until the last task is done and then asks, "Is there anything else I can help with?"  You have to tell her to go home at times.  You don't know what you'd do without her. 

Happy Hadassah.  You make sure she's the first person a new family sees when they walk through the doors.  Her smiling face puts everyone she meets at ease and brightens their day. 

Big Kid Bryan.  He's a grown man...but he still knows how to act like a big kid when he's serving.  He gets right in the middle of the kids and play games, laughs with them and makes activities lots of fun.  He's a kid magnet and they love being in his class.

Cheerleader Chelsey.  She brings energy and excitement to the team.  She's the life of the volunteer party.  She encourages everyone around her and lifts their spirits.  She is Mrs. Optimism. 

As you read through these, I'm sure you thought of some real people on your team who exemplify these characteristics.  Drop them a note this week and thank them for who they are and for what they bring to the team.  And if you're missing any of these people on your team, I pray God will send them to you.  They can help make your team complete.