10 Questions Every Children's Pastor Should Be Able to Answer

Here are 10 questions that every children's pastor should be able to answer about their ministry.  As you read through these, what are your answers?  Your answers are a great litmus test of the health of ministry you lead.

If any of these questions cause you to start searching for an answer...or you're not satisfied with your answer...I've listed some helpful articles below that can be of help.

Let the questions begin. 

What is the vision of the ministry you lead? 

What are you doing to grow personally?

What is your process for leading kids to Christ?

How do you equip parents to disciple their kids?

How do you follow up with first-time guests?

How do you keep kids safe and secure in your ministry?

What is your current ratio of volunteers to kids?

What is a ministry lid you are currently working on lifting?

Who are you personally investing in?

What's your plan for building your volunteer team?